Serein believes in 'Accelerating business outcomes through diversity'. In this vision, Psymantics and Serein found complete alignment and have launched a few diverse collaborations - from writing to research studies (not to mention, commiserating with each other about sexism and face-palm moments, over many delicious meals!)

We have just completed a research study on the importance of inclusion in the employee experience - that may be just what your organization needs!


Cymorg is a Future of Work firm that helps organizations adapt to and succeed in the new digital paradigm. Cymorg's first foray is a digital platform for configuring dynamic, gamified simulations specific to organizations.

Psymantics and Cymorg have worked together since 2017, to blend in the best of many disciplines: applied psychology, data science, machine learning, and cutting-edge technology, to create a (patent-pending) novel learning and development platform with a focus on contextual realism and assessment-driven development.


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