There are very few researchers in India who can parallel Aarti in Organizational Psychology/ development. It is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Aarti on in-depth research on the trends of workplace biases, leadership and beyond. Her understanding of organisational culture is deep, knowledge and insights are very actionable.
— Ishani Roy, Founder and CEO of Serein (a Psymantics Partner)
Aarti has helped us deepen our understanding and practice of D&I. She is a diversity champion and her engagement with the topic goes much beyond work, such is her passion. Translating intent for diversity to action on the ground is a challenge many business leaders face. If you are looking for an expert to guide you in your understanding and practice of D&I, then Aarti is the person to go to.
— Ameen Haque (Founder & CEO, Storywallahs)
Aarti is a competent assessor with a warm, friendly and professional manner. Her approach to tasks is organised and efficient. She is also skilled at spotting ways to improve processes.
— Pinsight